Bra awareness month #bam

Detect2protect #detect2protect

Bras are more than just an everyday essential; bras provide women with dignity and confidence.  Women who are enrolled in Project Hope Center, a one-year reentry program inside Folsom Women’s Facility State Prison receive a care package prior to their release from prison, the care package includes change out clothing, a purse from Julie’s Purse Project and a Bra.  You know the feeling when you are packing for a trip and you forgot to pack your favorite bra for your trip.  Women getting ready for release from prison receive a Bra included in their care package because it’s been a long time since these women have worn a bra and for many it’s been decades.   

Clothing Care packages from Project Hope Center includes Bras mailed to Folsom Women’s Facility and every month we always run out of Bras.  A Bra can help a women feel confident and secure when going on a job interview and in everyday wear.  A Bra is an essential for a women or young teen to gain self-respect.  I’ve also noticed that our community of women includes girls in homeless shelters, foster care agencies, homes for pregnant teens and more.  Project Hope Center will provide bras in the month of October for Women and Girls living in our disenfranchised community.   

October 2019 will be our FIRST Annual Bra Awareness Month and Detect 2 Protect Awareness Month Event by Project Hope Center.  All new and used bras in good condition of all sizes, styles, and types are accepted.  Let’s look to make a difference in October, let’s focusing on educating, empowering and encouraging all men and women to become proactive in preventing breast cancer and, if diagnosed, surviving breast cancer.  And as you look for a bra to donate please pass on the amazing opportunity to support breast cancer survivors, advocates, and supporters - Let’s Help a Women gain self-respect and protection, Let’s Make A Difference for BRA Awareness Month & Detect2Protect.    

Bra Awareness Month #BAM

Breast Cancer Awareness Month #Detect2Protect  

Your donation is tax-deductable Project Hope Center EIN 47-5075028

Drop Off Locations:

Buffalo Wild Wings, 2759 East Bidwell, Ca 95630

Folsom Fraternal Order of Eagles #929, 215 Scott Street, Folsom Ca 95630

Evangeline Scott, Nmls-243997, Finance of America 950 Glenn Dr. Suite 265, Folsom, Ca 95630

La Vintage Pink Door, 815 Sutter Street, Suite F, Folsom Ca 95630

Mail: PO Box 870 Folsom Ca 95763

Bra Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

#BAM #Detect2Protect

Bra Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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