Our program phases


  • Year One Reentry Program: Incarcerated female participants enroll in New Hope Transitions Reentry Program - two year reentry program.  PHC Mentors provide instruction, mentoring and one-to-one reentry planning.   


  • Year Two Reentry Program:  New Hope Reentry Program participants build a positive future for themselves, their families and their community.  The participants are provided a counselor/mentor, community providers, and needed personal items prior to their release for a successful transition back into communities. 


  • Project Hope Center Inc. main goal is to increase opportunities for incarcerated and formally incarcerated individuals.  A criminal record shouldn't be a life sentence that bars people from being productive members of community.


  • Fair Oaks CA:  Participates can volunteer in unique life-skills program at Elpis Home for Women creating products for merchandise at La Vintage Pink Door.  Creativity such as candle and soap making is part of our vocational training along with job training partners.  La Vintage Pink Door shoppe also provides retail and customer service experience for selected participants from New Hope Re-Entry Program.

COMING SOON Pink Door Cafe:

Participants will help serve the community by a carefully structured program of work and life skills.

HOPE Hanging Onto Positive Expectations